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5 Educational Uses For Laser Engravers Tags: laser engraver prices

There are many ways to use a laser engraver in the classroom, and these systems are one of the easiest for students to learn. Designs are produced in vector form, sent to the cutter via drivers, and the system takes care of the rest. The laserís power and speed allow for quick creations, which lets teachers get more done with each class period. In this guide, teachers and students can get some cutting and laser engraving applications for the classroom.


Design and architecture students can use materials like glass, ceramic, or acrylic that closely resemble the elements to be used in designed structures. This allows them to achieve a level of realism thatís not attainable with other technologies. Beyond the production of models, these machines can help students learn how to produce life-size design elements as well.

Fabric Cutting and Appliques

With laser engraving ideas, students can create appliques, cut patterns, and laser engrave fabrics. These applications are commonly seen in design and art programs where students create custom fabrics, papercut designs, and intricate patterns. K-12 teachers often use these machines to create graphics for team or school apparel, varsity patches, and branded appliques for sale in the school store.


Upon walking into a school, one can see signs on offices, labs, classrooms, and in other areas. Many of todayís schools use laser engravers to create custom signage for their own uses. When a school is so equipped, it can use a laser cutter to create customized, unique signs for any room.

Technology Classes

A modern laser cutter is a great addition to any school's technology program. It takes skill to use the cutter's software to achieve the desired outcome, and these skills can translate to many of today's tech professions. Laser engravers can help students build a firm foundation of technical skills for use in the working world.


The best thing about using a laser cutter in a woodworking class is that users can image, engrave, mark, and cut with a single machine. This helps shop teachers save space and it significantly shortens studentsí learning curve. When students in shop and woodworking classes are exposed to laser engraving technology, theyíll acquire the skills needed to perform in a variety of professions.

The answers to the question what can you laser engrave with a laser engraver? are almost endless. These machines give users a range of materials with which to experiment, projects at various levels of difficulty, and opportunities that benefit teachers and students alike.


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